Sick of it

Hop off of Kanye's DICK people. Ok he's taken a complete left turn. Wayne took a right. They're both losing their minds. Singing on tracks when you're supposed to be a rapper. Kanye; trying to be a Fashion Guru. (Don't get burned man) I want to see how many of you ordinary people are going to be rocking Kanye's LV kicks/shoes/catastrophe.
Its not ok for cirtain rappers to wear a style of clothing according to you people out there. For instance Wayne wears Skinny jeans and a fitted tee, and now he's biting Kanye's style?? Ok Kanye wasn't wearing skinnys let's say a little over a year ago, roughly. So that means Kanye is biting off someone as well huh? Who would've thought. Now you DUMBFHUCKS go out and buy whatever Kanye puts on, but oh that's not biting/copying/dick riding. That's Fashion my nigga. (LMAO) You people kill me.
When Kanye was fiend out for Polo you guys were too. When he started rocking LV back pack you guys sucked him well. When he wore that dumbass scarf around his neck, he was biting, but not to you people. When he threw on skinnys at the award show a large portion of you guys went nuts! And you were the ones snuffing people for wearing those and I quote "Gay ass pants!"

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