My Hair

Damn if you could see me now. I look scruffier than a fhucking Bear. Depression in this recession (I hate that word) is taking control over my body, my mind, lmao my soul. Does anybody have a t-shirt that says "My Mind, My body, My Money" or something like that? That shirt is stupid lol.
I kind of like my full beard, its makes people call me "Sir". I also know a few chicks that like it as well. I can't go clean cut, makes me look like a baby. You know? I'm kind of lazy, I cut my own hair and man have I been slacking. Last time I cut it was December 12th and my hair grows FAST! Blah I may trim it down today.

I'm trying to get more personal in my blog. I don't want to keep talking about celebrity bullshit, or "Fashion" there are so many blogs like that or like this rather. Lmao no one reads this shit.

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