Real Smooth

So I cut my hair yesterday. =|. Trimmed up my sideburns, beard, mustache and all that. I figured I'd look "good" seeing as how its my birthday weekend, you know? Not expecting anything as usual. Theres one flaw about January Bday's. Its not the cold weather, the snow storms, but the fact that its after Xmas. People blow their money and have regained stability yet. (Lmao) I'm babbling let me chill.
Why do people take ever thing from other blogs and put it on theirs? lol write your own entries my brother. Atleast use your own words. They use sites like 2DopeBoyz as they're main source. I understand you need it from somewhere. Blah once again I wish this was an audio or video I feel like I'm typing about nothing. No arguement here I guess. Speaking of 2DBZ shouts out to Shake and Meka.

Noo what I'm saying is atleast show courtesy all rights reserved type of shit. I mean stuff.


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  1. same reason i hate my birthday

    especially since its on new yrs...everyones doin their own thing
    "combined" gifts are wack