Myspace fhuckery

People who take pictures and I quote "Reserved for Myspace are stupid losers!" Ok, yes I'm mean, and I bitch a lot. I can't help myself, but its just so immature to me and others I'm sure. Girls/Women taking half naked pictures. Oh I'm not singling out females, the "stupid losers" applies to you guys out there too. Ass out, guys flexing their muscles (cringes). All for the internet fame. You're not models, or getting paid for this. Lmao at the end of the day people like me just call you a derogatory name.
Lol I was in the act of taking a "Myspace stupid loser" pic, but I felt too silly. You won't see me make fuckery of myself. Haha

Hey, I love you people. My eyes are Red.

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  1. bahahahaha guilty...well of takin pics at least...its cuz i get so bored but i dont do it for the space. my fam is all over that shit lol