Same shit different blog.
Fashion, Drugs, White biddies, the same music videos,
writing about clothes and accessories that you'll prolly
never get or afford.

Is this really what people want to see?
Where's the "real life shit"? Where's the
heartfelt excerpts? There is no meaning
I do condone few fashion blogs such as RedRibbon.
They're doing their thing, shout out to them!
Lmao and that's it. See that... I can't even think
of another fashin blog because so many are bullshit!

If you're blogging about the same thing you saw on
a different blog, how the fuck are you standing out?
For all that you might as well get a tumblr and
Re-blog people ALL DAY!

But deadass step your originality up. Most of these blogs
are like the hip hop game, a bunch of niggas fronting!
Writing/ posting shit to "fit in"

These are shots to all you bloggers

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous4/10/2010

    Thank You! Finally Someone Says It! Go You Boy!
    Lol I See The Same Shit On All Of These Blogs!