Dat New New

I think I'm subjected to the "Young Wave"
in music. I support the youngins, the new.
The underground. I respect them more. Don't
get me wrong I still like the greats like Biggie,
Dr.Dre, Em, but you have to show love to the
Kid Cudi, Joe Budden, Trey Songz etc.
Soo many people knock the new comers without
even listening.

There is sooo much more music than just the radio,
BET, and MTV. This music world is never ending
and if you never give it a chance we gon keep saying
that 40 is the new 30. Bkuz these old niggas "you"
people look up to in the music industry WON'T STOP

"Old heads in the game with no other way to get
paid..." plain and simple.

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