Yesterday was kool. Madd walking for me.
Nigga had to save money lol. I walked to
Williamsburg from For Greene then walked
back and forth to the train waiting for Nicky!
Saw my boy Kerok at the store. I miss the
homies, it felt like a reunion. Pics will be up
Umm blah sorry I'm breezing through
this recap we just did madd shit yesterday.
I picked Nicky up and we chilling in the store
for a bit. Then we went to Cynthia's crib. Her
apt is fhucking great. The view is SPECTACULAR!
Umm we did more walking to the north side hoping
to chill on the waterfront but nah. They had it
locked down. So we hopped on the L train and
met up with L's and the Gang (lmao) at 14th.
I'm Happy kuz my friends liked my other friends.
BLAH BLAH BLAH Madd other shit to write.
Pics tell a story DAMNIT!

Oh pics tell story from bottom to top

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