Life of Kool- Aid

ObanaKool-Aid.gif Obama Kool Aid image by jspugh
The refreshing, tasteful drink Kool- Aid was invented
in the early 1900's by Edwin Perkins and his wife Kitty
in Hastings Nebraska. Its original form was liquid concrete
called Fruit Smack. The couple came up with the idea
to extract the liquid from the Fruit Smack to save money
on shipping. The final product was just powder which they
named Kool- Ade. It was later re-named "Kool- Aid"
and sold to multiple General food stores.

Now all this leading up to me saying, Where the fhuck
did the stereo type come from? Who was the comic/racist
genius to say minorities Love Kool- Aid with mounds
of sugar?
Well thanks Edwin and Kitty Perkins the drink is great!

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