What a night, What a night, What a night!
The party in the Bronx wasn't the best,
but it was okay. Took tons of pics like always.
It was HOTT AS HELL. I was literally
dripping sweat from everywhere. Saw madd
heads I haven't seen in ages.
After we left the party a bunch of us went
to taco bell on 14th st. Chilled there for about
2hrs. End of the day Dizzy let me drive home
(Love you girl)

Shout out to
Nicky (missed you son)
Meech (nice)
Sade Dizzy! (thanks for letting me drive)
My niggas L's
Bazz (hand gestures)
Prince for throwing the shit
Keazy (for the $7 bag =/)
Chris for throwing up
Wordspit! (we finally met homie)

All the camera hogs at the party lmao,
you know who you are but its all love.

We gon do the same shit tonight so
look forward to seeing your pic here

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