I haven't been reading anyone's blog, idk why.
I've been reading niggas twitter though. (Twiggas)
Looks pretty interesting, but not for me. If I ever make one
I have to create it once the hype is back around me.
The hype is on vacation, and should be back towards the end
of this month. And thats not saying I'm going to make one lol.

But yea back to me not reading peoples blog. Idk lol
I'll look at the kool pics once in a while. There is
something I'm not satisfied with. I believe its the fact
that my SLR Camera broke over a year ago, and I'm not able to
showcase my photography talent. I've been searching for great
deals, just looking for an XTi body. There are some good deals
but funds aren't in the correct state with other shit to pay off.
Well continue blogging and I'll be a reader soon enough.

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