Lets Work together

I'm dying to listen to some Joe Budden.
I don't want to put the headphones in my ear though,
it's too early to put the music aloud on speaker.
I need the music in my head. Without all the wires
making it a task for me to get comfortable.
That music is what keeps me sane I think. It's as
if I can relate to pain, anger, confusion, disgust, deceit.

I, I, I!
Me, Me, Me!

I get so sick of speaking about myself, but whenever I talk about someone else I get looked at funny by the person I'm talking about.
That's all I want. Is that too much to ask? Not to get looked at funny by my "other"
Like am I really asking for a lot? I just want us to have that minus the funny looks and confusion.
I'm trying to adapt. I'm trying to cope. I'm trying to become accustom to your ways, but I need to know them first.

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