Last night I was on the phone with Meech, and before we hung up she told me "sweet dreams". It was ironic bkuz about 30mins before that I was watching videos of people falling, and jumping off of cliffs and buildings. (yep) I wanted to see if it was possible to pick what you can dream about. It proved to be inconclusive. I really wanted to have a dream about Meech lol, maybe next time babe right =].
My dream turned out to be of me becoming a rapper. Myself, my Bro and Tiggy Ty were producing a mixtape or album for me. (I was DOPE! lol) I can remember I had about 13 or 14 tracks on it, but here is where it went all vvrjlgkbvnrvnjkinv (crazy). I had a ghost writer. AHHH! Some dark skinned guy/kid about 19- 21 with long dreads, and a dark olive green pea coat. He was talking shit about how the mix tape/album should be his since he wrote most of it. Its like I was hearing him talking shit everywhere I traveled. In a gas station, corner store everywhere he wasn't I would hear him.
The final straw was when I was in the subway. I started off hearing him, then he appeared with two bigger guys from his crew, and they were exiting towards the turn style. I told him fhuck it, and I didn't even feel comfortable having someone else writing for me. So I took all his written pieces off my joint and I We (Myself, Bro, and Tiggy) began learning the proper way of writing songs.

The crazy thing is I actually thought I wrote all the shit that was on the mix tape/album. I feel like the Ghost writer was just telling me to be myself. Like maybe I was really trying to be like someone else in the dream, you know? Pretty kool though =]

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