Ross x Plax

Does anyone else think Rick Ross is Plaxing (shooting) himself in this beef with 50?
Ross wasn't built for this type of rap. Stick to moving O's and Ki's dude.
LMAO! @ me bumping to 50 cent Get Rich or Die Tryin'
Rick Ross- What Goes Around Comes Around
Worst diss ever =|


  1. Anonymous2/20/2009

    “Plaxin himself?”
    How the fuck is that?
    50 still hasn’t put out ONE MUTHAFUCKIN HOT RECORD YET!!!
    And your bumpin' a record thats how many years old?
    That should tell u sumthin'
    All this side show shit is funny…to distract a muthafucka from the fact that he aint got shit in the tank.
    I’m still bumpin “Mafia Music” everyday though.
    “Cigar Music” is FIIIIRE!!
    And Def Jam is goin all out to push his official 1st single “Magnificent”
    All 50 can do is ride off the coat tails of Eminem’s ‘Crack Bottle’ for some spins

    Khaleed just become president of Def Jam South
    Ross is puttin together what looks like a classic album
    And 50 is auditioning for a BET sitcom
    Curly the Pimp?
    G-Unit as a label is over
    Maybe reality T.V is next…
    Oh wait…
    50’s show got cancelled after what….5 episodes??

  2. Yea, ok when you're so well established in the game you dont have to kill a dude lyrically.

    Joe Budden and Jay-Z beef. Jay didn't even respond to Budden. Why? bkuz he had bigger and better things to do. They have the money and power to ruin a guys life/career.

    Ross can't spit. I'm siding with the Queens native.

  3. Anonymous2/20/2009

    Ross can't spit?
    Have u even heard "Cigar Music"?
    "I'm the downtown Nas
    Clique so Firm
    Ridin with a Foxx as the Cigar Burns...
    I elaborate on things I only been 'bout
    beside,we decide whose the in crowd
    If its Ne-Yo
    or niggaz who speakin creole
    what I got to prove,
    we just keep movin kilos...
    She told me that her other man's broke
    Walkin on the clouds of my secondhand smoke
    I touched her with the secondhand stroke
    Got her mind racin
    quicker than a Lambo..."

    Beside Ja-Rule
    whose career did 50 ruin?
    Ja-rule was on his out anyway
    Fat Joe was alway no one
    Cam'ron is back with crazy buzz
    The Game went double platinum then gold and aint went nowhere
    Jadakiss is droppin a hot album
    50 CAN'T murder anyone lyrically
    All he has is jokes and money to throw around
    Nigga tryin to BUY A REP!


  4. Anonymous2/20/2009

    Oh ..
    And what happened when Jay-Z did respond someone...
    Like Jim Jones?
    He lost
    How the fuck do u lose to Jenny Jones?
    His second come back to Nas "Super Ugly" was wack
    Nas finished him off with "Ether"
    Money doesnt ruin niggaz lives
    Niggaz usually do it to themselves
    Ross' problem is he's tryin to Youtube a Youtuber to death
    He needs to pull 50 skirt up and expose him as the played out rapper whose days of hot records has come and gone by showing him how to put out good music
    Dont try yo out clown a clown
    Look at what Lil Wayne and Kanye did
    Ignored hs clown ass
    How has his beef with those to gone?
    One day u'll see