Pretty Place

You ever hear about people who become successful, and all those old friends come back around?
I mention old friends bkuz you always meet new people, and anyone is capable of becoming a friend we don't know what the future holds. Anyway I've been working diligently trying to become a success with my clothing, and sneakers (very common these days). I've had "friends" before I started the clothing line which was summer of 07 (sneakers were always there), and I have some form contact with those "friends" which I try to use here and there. The funny thing is those "friends" don't pay me any mind. So heres some words for them fhuck you, fhuck you, fhuck you, You're kool.
They never wanted to come around, let alone be associated with me =]
I haven't made it anywhere just yet, things are looking up. I'm surrounded by good people.
Meech, Avery, Kerok, and I dont know who else (my physical vacinity)

Oh yea you can click the Fhuck you's above to see who they are LMAO!

Didn't forget you DEADSTOCK Ric, Success, Cause, DunkXchange, Sneaker Con
Yea whatever I can't think of anyone else


  1. I agree.

    Out with the old ones in with the new.
    Never know wha tthe future holds.
    The future looks real good for you. :]

  2. Lmao...oh mook u would put their links up! Shit fuck em

  3. lmao yea fhuck em all!