Wasit deep

I picked up some jeans/pants yesterday. Wont say from where nor what kind of jeans.
Well I grabbed the wrong size. I could've sworn I picked up a specific size, but nope it was wrong.
I got home, popped the tags and all (bkuz it was supposed to be the right size) then tried them on. They fit good in the legs and the length. But the waist was O (FHUCKING) D tight. I had to perform the female method just to fasten the button, which is lay down on your back inhale.

People wear they're jeans that way, not me. I like skinny's and what not, but I have to sag. Those were too nippy in the waist section.

With all that said, I don't feel like going back to exchange them. =|
I have a total of 29 days, and I'm not going today so that's 28.

Oh the other pants fit me just perfect.

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