Surprise Surprise

Ok so no partying for the birthday. No biggie, although i did want to get drunk and smashed dude. But I did get something SPEC-FHUCKING-TACULAR. The Tablet HP (swivle/ touchscreen joint) and is great! My Pops, his shorty, and my Bro bought it for me. Those fhucking people tricked me yo. Took me out to eat then BANG a damn laptop. I had the biggest smile for like 40mins (my face was frozen from the cold. Seriously lol)

I usually dont like giving re-caps on how my day went, but what can i do? Its my birthday


  1. Im glad your smiling :D

  2. aww i like that laptop!...my lil 7 year old cousin got one for xmas...i was like wtf u need that for?!

    see today wasnt so bad