Mustafa's Renaissance

If you don't know about Melo-X get up on it!
He's all over the marketing table doing photography, DJ'ing, producing, rapping, singing and I'm sure a lot more. Talk about Renaissance Man. (Lol)
Listen to this Mix tape. PURE DOPE!
Honestly he's better than most of the Mix tape artists out now. I'm not speaking any names, but yea download it.

RedV X Melo-X

01. Mustafa’s Renaissance
02. BoomClap
03. Crumbs, Change & Hair Pins (feat. Nikki Ntu & Theophilus London)
04. I Don’t Rap
05. Keep The Faith (feat. Jesse Boykins III & Print)
06. Incredible (Remix) (BK Intro)
07. Just Me
08. Treat Her Right (And I Know)
09. With You
10. First Time (Coolie High)
11. The Imfamous BayDigger
12. The Peepz
13. Neva Free
14. 3L’s (Beat Tape 2005)
15. Tehas Rice
16. Mickey Factz - Rapio 2 Point OH
17. Tehas Beans
18. Tabloids House (Remix) (feat. Jesse Boykins III)
19. Atlantic Soul
20. With You (Revised)
21. Mustafa’s Revenge (NY Jewels)

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