You can really tell a lot about someones attitude and persona just by asking a few SIMPLE questions.
I had some questions for my new friend Lametrius, and I noticed some cool things about her.
She has a fun demeanor in my opinion, and we share some of the same views.
Check out our conversation

Metri (OlliePersona.blogspot.com)
RedV X Metri
What music do you listen to?

Metri: All types...even this one country song called A beautiful ride by duey cox. Love all da old skool hard core rappers, i rarely listen 2 rapp of 2day b|c its not like it use 2 be. Lately I been listenin 2 immortal technique on repeat..luv him!

Mookie: Yea, I'm really picky about my music choice. I'm a huge Joe budden fan.
I don't listen to the radio often.

Metri: I dunt listen 2 da radio either..joe budden ok ok..do u listen to rock or heavy metal?

Mookie: Nah, it has to be dope. Like I listen to Daft punk, chemical brothers, justice, does it offend you? Yea (yes that's a group lol) its not really rock.

Metri: Oh ok...imma downloadd
What kind of phone do you have and why? Lol

Metri: Lmao I have this sprint flip phone:( why? B|c my Godmom pays my bill & she cheapp
How do you feel about cold feet? Literal and/or figurative
(Lol yes these are my questions)

Metri: I hate when my feet are cold...makes my whole body cold lol. & To have cold feet eh Idk alot of ppl have cold feet & are just to fearful of whats next. Everyone goes has dat feelin wit sumtin in their life.

Mookie: Yea my feet are cold as we speak. I don't second guess myself anymore. If I feel a certain way I act on it 80 percent of the time.
When is your birthday?

Metri: 7/11 ^_^ yours?

Mookie: 1/25 =)

Metri: Heyy comin up pretty soon. That would make u an Aquarius. Idk that many Aquarius.
So you're a dancer. Where/what have you danced in?

Metri: Yes I like dancin. && I dance at skool. Im co captain of my dance team called Urban Dvd. We are a hip hop group. We put on shows 4 da skool.

Metri: Do u dance?

Lol ok so the questions can go on forever. Communication is healthy and helpful.
Metri is Cool (friends for long I hope)


  1. Cool She has The Same Birthday as Me =)

  2. Mookie mOOKS <33

    yes we'll stay friends till deathdouspart. lol