Lil "ROCK" Wayne

RedV X Lil Wayne
If you haven't heard Lil Wayne is in the lab putting together an album of fhuckery. His next album will indeed be nothing but Rock music. Drake has a song on there as well. (Wayne is pulling him down) He says they're taking the Kanye route (808's and Heartbreak) doing something out of the ordinary to catch the listeners by surprise. Thanks a lot Kanye. =| Way to be original Wayne. No real word when this Rock shit will be released. I'll give it a listen. Who knows it could possibly be a collectors item. (lol)

What happened to the old Wayne? He was spitting hott shit on Tha First Carter Album. Tha Carter 2 was even great (Two of Lil Wayne's Dopest Albums). You can say spitting what's real isn't in mainstream hip hop.

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