One of the hottest styles out right now for winter is the shiny bubble coats. You may know the very popular brand Monclare. The Monclare coat/vest is deff one of the top must haves in fashion to own- to many others!
Me personally I don't think so. Now like I said before the shiny bubble look is cool, Its just the price that shifts my opinion. $600+ for something that won't stay in stlye for very long.
Lots of other brands and stores have the same style of coat for a less expensive price. Not trying to say get a fake or a look alike Monclare, but they are just as good, if not better.

I'm headed to get my hott shit now. I'll be happy saving my $500.

Stores with same style coats.
BK Circus

Just to name a few. So don't try to follow the crowd and cop a Monclare.

Well here it is

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  1. Monclares are WACKED. I dont even really like the shiny Puffed look. 09' fashion changes.. smh