Listen to me!

This is a time of strife for me. Not going to get into specifics, but things aren't the best atleast in my mind. When something isn't going good everything fhucks up for me.
Damn why must I bitch so much? (Lol) Chicks say shit like that all the time so I say "Bitch shut the fhuck up, and stop calling me a bitch!" I'm only sharing my feelings with you. I mean who else am I going to do it with?
Back like late 06 early 07 I believe I started becoming "Disrespectful" sort of speak towards females. I'm not saying I hate women, but you guys (women) bad mouth us guys 24/7. (Lol) You bad mouth us bkuz of guys like me. Anyway that's a different story! Don't blame me blame the shitty relationships, and horrible females I've dealt with. Fhuck it I'm RUDE lmao! I don't NEED all the friends in the world that's why I don't host very long conversations with new people unless I want to. I have my true friends. Blah get to know me, I always look out for others that's my Pops in me. I love people I shouldn't. (that was a Budden line) I say shouldn't bkuz everyone isn't as generous as the next human or yourself. See I can be rude, but I'm giving as well.
Damn, I wish this was an audio, or video so you all can hear the sincerity I'm giving off here. Hey writing is just as good I guess. WTF is Twitter, Vlog and all this other bullshit?

P.S. That nigga is gay! Spiritual Ty, you know what I'm saying!

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  1. twitter...just a way for ppl to know what u are doing...u have 140 characters to type whatever u wanna say..kinda dumb but i have one haha

    vlog..as in video blogs...i would have loved to see u make the "listen to me" post as a vlog..cuz yes i wanna hear and see the sincerity of ur rudeness!